Smart Store

       In the decades of changes in traditional clothing stores, in addition to the replacement of the facade, customers' consumption methods and consumption experiences have never changed, reflecting the serious problem of homogenization。CR smart store technology will redefine offline apparel retail through in-store smart web shot display, smart IoT props, and diversion tools, etc., improving sales data and user experience of traditional apparel stores significantly. In 2020, the smart store transformation business will be put into the Japanese market for large-scale implementation. More than 100 stores under Japan's Onward, Isetan Department Store, Takashimaya Department Store and other clothing brands and department stores will use CR technology for intelligent transformation,adding fashion and technology to traditional stores.

Smart hanger

Connect the electronic screen through the RFD induction system, lift the hanger to browse the product information and CR real-life display on the screen, instant display of wearing effect, saving you a lot of trouble for clothing purchase.

Smart table display

By adding a sensing device to the traditional display stand props, the display screen is triggered as the product is touched, the product information and product CR real-time display effect can be viewed on the screen; the screen can also be moved freely, which also adds a moving landscape to the store.

Smart fitting room

Breaking the solely dressing function of the traditional test room, the implanted smart screen contains an intelligent paging system and cargo query system; by scanning the clothing tag or RFD, you can trigger the screen to browse various information including product information, pictures, videos, platform recommendations, etc.; In the fitting room, you can operate multifunctional services such as changing the product size, changing the try-on clothing, and intelligent calling.

Make an appointment

Scan the QR code to book the fitting room and the goods you want, no need to wait in line, free your hands and save your time, bring you a more convenient and comfortable shopping experience.


Human body data collection center, the core of CR technology. One offline shooting allows you to try on all kinds of clothing online for good.


Intelligent RFID identification system, one touch for self-checkout makes you free from queuing.

Intelligent display systems such as rotating cake stands, custom-made suit cabinets and ACC display cabinets, etc. are coming soon.