Company Introduction

Shanghai Great Reality Technology Co., Ltd.

      Shanghai Great Reality Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as GRT) was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. In June 2018, GRT received the A round of financing led by SBI (formerly Japan Softbank), the financing amount reached 40 million yuan.; GRT headquarters is located on Wanyuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai——the fashion capital, adjacent to Caohejing Development Zone in Xuhui. The company consists of General Manager Office, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, Marketing Department, Operations Department, Software Development Department, Intelligent Product R&D Department, Effect Production R&D Department, etc. the existing employees of more than 100 currently, and the proportion of staff with bachelor degree or above has reached more than 60%.

      GRT is committed to develop CR (Create Reality) technology independently, and realized the world's first” REAL TRY” technology. At the very core of” Technology empowers fashion, innovation drives change”, the company follows the path of driving the new trends in the fashion industry by technological innovation to realize the combination of fashion industry and artificial intelligence. We mainly provide intelligent fashion services led by artificial intelligence, intelligent optimization solutions for display and sales, and the transformation of offline retail environment through integrated analysis of CR technology and big data.


The first smart fashion experience store ”Fashion Fox” landed in The River Mall


Entering overseas business(Finland ,Japan…)


The first Sino-Japanese smart retail center was unveiled in Nanjing Jiangbei District


Smart Store

In the decades of changes in traditional clothing stores, in addition to the replacement of the facade, customers' consumption methods and consumption experiences have never changed, reflecting the serious problem of homogenization.CR smart store technology will redefine offline apparel retail through in-store smart web shot display, smart IoT props, and diversion tools, etc., improving sales data and user experience of traditional apparel stores significantly. In 2020, the smart store transformation business will be put into the Japanese market for large-scale implementation. More than 100 stores under Japan's Onward, Isetan Department Store, Takashimaya Department Store and other clothing brands and department stores will use CR technology for intelligent transformation,adding fashion and technology to traditional stores.

Our Service

Smart hanger

Connect the electronic screen through the RFD induction system...


Human body data collection center, the core of CR technology...

Smart fitting room

Breaking the solely dressing function of the traditional test room...

Make an appointment

Scan the QR code to book the fitting room and the goods you want...

Smart table display

By adding a sensing device to the traditional display stand props...


Intelligent RFID identification system, one touch for self-checkout makes you free from queuing.

Intelligent network shooting

Intelligent network shooting is based on the deep calculation of the CR fragmentation algorithm. The model only needs to sample once to permanently use its body shape for CR try-on deformation, and finally generate a live-action picture of the model with different actions and different expressions. The company has a rich model resource library including models of different nationalities, different skin colors and different temperaments to choose from. The company own indigenous web shooting robot will develop static web shooting pictures into dynamic video, use technology to change the existing traditional shooting methods. Diversification, low cost, and high efficiency ,these will make CR smart web shooting technology become the most powerful competitor in the future clothing market.

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Female model show

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Male model show

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Effect album

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Mannequin spinning video

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Item spinning video

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Multi-platform display

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